Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mosquito attacks

Three nights ago, I was awakened by an extreme itch on my left foot. Turns out I got three mosquito bites right around the ball of it. I found some itch cream and settled back to sleep. An hour later I woke up with two bites on my right foot. Since the AC in our bedroom is sub par, I couldn't hide under the covers, so I went out into the living room where the AC is arctic and slept peacefully.

The next night, I woke up with matching bites on both my forearms. Again, I traipsed out to the living room and wrapped myself up in our big comforter.

Yesterday, I joked with Erik that the mosquitoes were moving up my body and that they would hit my face last night. Not so. They went for my shoulders instead. One on each side. They threw a cluster of 5 onto my left shin for good measure, along with one on my face and a few on my neck. Did I mention that Erik hasn't been bitten? So once again it was off to the couch for me.

Although my prevalent feeling in this situation is frustration mingled with annoyance, I have to laugh. What's with the matching bites? Is it some kind of Chinese yin-yang thing, trying to keep the balance? What should I expect tonight? My ears? Whatever it is, I'm guessing I'll get both sides. Wouldn't want part of me to feel left out.

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