Friday, September 12, 2008

The Smell of Dirt

I smelled dirt recently. It was a good dirt smell - that smell that makes you think of spring and new flowers and life. And also, it made me think of my dad.

I feel badly saying that because I in no way want to imply that my dad smells like dirt. Well, he kind of does, sometimes. But it's just because he has these amazing gardens that really should be featured in some magazine, and spending all that time in them sometimes rubs off on him (at least until he showers).

I bring this up just to point out how strong our associations with certain smells can be. And it's funny how sometimes you don't even realize it until you smell them.

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Ryan said...

I can relate. Dirt is definitely a great smell. Well, damp black dirt anyway. It reminds me of spring. It's a good earthy comforting smell. :)

And having been in your dad's gardens I can clearly see why you associate the smell of dirt with them. That back yard is something awesome.