Monday, September 29, 2008

How to Get Your House Clean on Your Maid's Day Off

When we came back from church yesterday I realized that though the house wasn't dirty, there was clutter. I actually appreciate that our maid doesn't try to put away every item that is left out. She usually collects things and puts them in a pile for me to deal with. And then they just sit there. No, I do put them away. Eventually.

Well, that had been happening too much, especially in the kid's room and the playroom. So I told the kids, "For every five things you put away in the right place, you can have a star." We have "star jars" which have those little Chinese paper stars in them. The kids get stars for rewards, and when the jars are full they're going to get a big treat. Haven't decided what yet but it's going to be fantastic.

I haven't seen my kids move so fast in a long time. I sat on the couch working on the computer while they raced around, every once in awhile announcing how many things they'd put away. When all was done, they'd both put away 85 things. Gosh, I didn't think it was that cluttered!

So there you have it - an easy way to clean your house for free.

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Carol Van Atta, Princess Warrior said...

Loved reading your creative idea for clutter busting. Also, I was enthralled by that beach scene, and a little jealous. I want to be on that beach, or one like it. God bless you.