Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Controlled change

I don't much like change, unless I have complete control over it. But when the controlled change involves creative pursuits, like rearranging my house or decorating it, I am all about change.

So I'm changing my blog template. Thanks to visiting another homeschool blogger's page (one of the many new activities I find time for now that I have a maid) I found this great website with tons of free blog templates. There are so many fun ones that you shouldn't be surprised if both my blogs change on a weekly basis.

Now, right now you might be staring at a light pink screen with barely readable print. That is not my ultimate goal. Because I am so computer un-savvy, even though I am following the directions as best as I can see, sometimes the new template shows up and sometimes it doesn't. This is true of my homeschool blog as well. If you don't see the cool new template, just wait - once Erik (the computer whisperer) gets home, all will be well and we'll all be enjoying the new look. Until I change it again. Probably sometime next week.


Tracie said...

This is really cute Gina. I'm packing and needed a break. We begin our return journey at 5am tom morning. Anyhow, I looked awhile back for cute blog backgrounds and I found nothing. So I'll check that page out! So when are you moving to BJ? :) Love, Tracie

Pam said...

Very cute, I think I'll check the site out as well, and redecorate. Thanks for the tip.

Ryan said...

The new bg is great Gina. Very Gina-ish.

It just lacks a bit of.. how shall I say this.. PUNCH. I think you should seriously consider using one of these pictures. The third one down is particularly exciting. :)

Exciting Pictures

Amy :) said...


I love your new background! I've been getting tired of my background for a while, so that site was just what my blog needed. You should come check my new background out. I hope you don't mind that I linked to your blog, too!! :)

Amy :)

Amy :) said...

Hi Gina,

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm glad you didn't think it was weird of me to link to your blog, either. :)

I just posted a response to your comment on my blog. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

I also have a World Time Server on my blog. I went to that site after I saw it on your blog, too. You find the best stuff!! :)

Amy :)