Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PPFFhhhttttt . . . .

What's that sound, you ask? Wow, so many questions lately. I feel like we're really connecting here. Why, that is the sound of me petering out today on my running schedule. I know, I know, I just wrote a long and inspiring post about the need to persevere through pain, etc. etc. I'm sure all of you went out, bought new shoes, and hit the track. Maybe even with "I run like Gina" t-shirts on. Maybe not.

Anyway, while I still believe in the need to persevere, I also believe in the need to listen to my body. And this morning my body said, "Gina, you haven't had a full, restful night's sleep in 5 nights. Your legs and particularly ankles are still cursing you for the torture you inflicted on Sunday, when you not only ran for an hour and a half but proceeded to get lost and walk another mile and a half home. Running this morning would not be wise. We need rest."

Which is why instead I went for a 3 mile walk and am in the process of making caramel popcorn for my kids so that they can get jacked up on sugar while they watch a movie and I sleep.

I still plan to do my five mile run on Thursday, and a whopping 10 miles on Sunday. So wish me good rest and perseverance!

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