Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Ph sound in Thai

I don't speak much Thai. In fact, I can only say "Sawadeeka" (hello) "Kapkumka" (thank you) and "baht" (which is what they call their money). Yep, that's it. But I am getting a little better at understanding how to pronounce what I can read. Thai has a different alphabet, but many things are written in Romanized characters. Still, it isn't always pronounced how it looks. The most striking example is the "ph" sound. We would say it like an F. If this were the case, "Phuket island" would be a bit awkward to say. Thankfully, it's just a "P" sound, so Phuket is pronounced "Poo-KET." On the other hand, Phi Phi island, is "Pee Pee island." And up on the mountain on Sunday Erik saw a building called the "PhuPhing Palace." Use your new knowledge of Thai pronunciation and figure that one out.


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I remember seeing an ad for the PhuPing restaurant in Chiangmai... Not exactly the kind of marketing you want. :)