Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Creative Writing

We try to discourage potty words in our house, as a general rule. So while I was highly amused by the following, it is with a small ounce of shame that I share it.

We got back from Thailand this afternoon. While Erik and I were unpacking, Megan went into the homeschool room and wrote two books. She shaped both of them to look like actual books with a binding, gave them titles on the side and front. She's definitely got the writer gene in her. We just need to work on content. Here's the full text:

Title: The Poop That Liked to Poop
Story: The poop liked to poop and the poop liked to poop on the playground, so he slid on his poop that he made.

In our defense, both the kids caught some gastrointestinal bug in Thailand that has made bowel movements a more prominent part of our discussions lately. And she's six. Poop is really funny when you're six.

The other book was essentially the same story. It is titled, "The Pee That Liked to Pee." You can guess the storyline.
So now when she's a famous author some day, you can say, "I knew her when . . . "

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Ryan said...

Poop trend lately.