Friday, September 07, 2007

Enjoying the States

In our three months here in the States, we have managed to spend time in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio and Vermont. Granted, Ohio was only the airport, but we've made our rounds. We still haven't been able to convince the kids that all of these places are part of America, but they're learning. We just got back from spending a week in Vermont at Smuggler's Notch (which, if you're looking for a family ski vacation is THE place to go - right by Stowe). Vermont is unspeakably beautiful and our time there was a little cooler than usual. We filled our days with hiking, mini-golf, swimming (when we could!), geocaching, a side trip to the Rock of Ages granite quarry, and even a Segway tour (more on that lady).

The best part of this little jaunt was that we were joined by Erik's two aunts and uncles on his dad's side, as well as his parents and brother. It was fun to get to know this side of the family better, and to learn geocaching from his aunt and uncle (we're hooked!). I had a wonderful morning hiking up one of the ski hills by myself to see a panoramic view of the green Vermont countryside.

Now back in Minnesota for our last week, we are looking ahead at temperatures in the low to mid-60's until we leave. It's hard to believe I normally live in a place with constant temperatures that has never seen the underside of 70 degrees (except inside). In fact, we've had so much fun here I believe I could stay forever. I'm not looking forward to going back to a new apartment full of boxes, in need of paint, and far from our friends. So I'm going to enjoy every last minute we have here.


Michelle said...

Are you going to Beth's wedding reception?

Gina Marie said...

No - when is it?

Anonymous said...

Its Sunday the 16th from 2 - 6 at her folks house in Vandis Heights. We are heading up Friday and plan on staying until Monday morning.
I think she had a hard time tracking down a lot of people since we all tend to move around a bit. :)


Gina Marie said...

Ah, well, we leave this Friday for Singapore. We'll be landing on Sunday morning. Have fun! Say hi to them for us.

Michelle said...

I will, and I pray travel mercies for you guys.