Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gina Trivia

On occasion, I've delved a little deeper into my heart on this blog. Chances are I probably will never be someone who makes their blog read like a diary, because I have a diary and I like that no one else reads it. But I feel I've been remiss in sharing with you some of the more insignificant yet fascinating (in my mind) factoids about me. Here are a few of them that have been on my mind:

1. I only like soda out of cans that are ice cold. I don't like soda in bottles, with straws, with ice, or in glasses. I feel a little like I should live in a trailer because of this, but there it is.

2. My body so dislikes getting blood drawn that my blood literally stops flowing during the process. I had to go to urgent care this week for some breathing issues, and they had to try three times before they got any. That was loads of fun.

3. I am a sunscreen Nazi. If you ever see me with a sunburn, or color of any sort, it was unintentional and I probably berated myself about it for days. I've read too many articles by dermatologists to not put it on religiously. And while I'm on this, you should be putting it on too! All the time! Especially in Singapore where the UV index is 11 everyday! (I don't like writing in all caps, but if I did those last few sentences would be written that way) I don't care if you get tan, you can still get skin cancer. And wrinkles. Look for stuff with Helioplex or Parsol 1789 - I've read that's the best for blocking UV rays. Stepping off my soap box now . . .

4. I'm really a morning person. Not as much as my mom, who would get up at 4:15 to walk when she worked, and not much later than that now that she's retired. But it's pretty common for me to get up at 5, usually no later than 6 and go exercise joyfully. On the other hand, try having a conversation with me after 9 p.m. and I assure you that you will have doubts about my intelligence.

5. I've never had a cup of coffee. We keep getting offered free coffee at our conference and everyone else runs outside like they've just given us gold. A lot of people ask me how I wake up in the morning without coffee, but I just refer them to factoid #4. (although I'll admit on bad days I have been known to crack open a Coke Light at 8:30 a.m.)

So there you have it. Now you know me better in a few shallow ways.


Andrew said...

I remember when you wrote about how you were shocked when Erik used the Singaporean English word for napkins instead of "napkins," and now you're sitting on your blog talking about Coke Light.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Your mom, on the other hand, carries extra straws in her purse so that she will never be without one for her diet Cherry Coke.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gina!! Hope someone gets you a cold soda pop.