Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Baby animals

The joy of the week has been new experiences with baby animals. Yesterday it was a nest of newborn bunnies in the yard. We were afraid we'd spent too much time around them which might scare away the mother, but she did come back and cover them with fur last night and again some time today. The kids are fascinated.

This afternoon I took them with me to see my best friend Laura's new puppy. He's only 5 weeks old so she hasn't brought him home yet. He has three sisters and the kids were enthralled with holding and watching them.

Of course these experiences have only fueled their desire to own some kind of baby animal (they aren't too fussy - anything live will do). Grandpa and Nai Nai (grandma in Mandarin) bought Megan a Furreal cat for her birthday which she loves but she's smart enough to know it isn't actually alive. We'll see how much longer we can hold off before we break down and get something.


Sherri said...

The problem with those cute little babies is that they grow up. That's why, when Jeff when to the shelter to look for a dog for us, I told him to find a small one that was fully grown. That way, we would already know how big it was going to get. That's how we ended up with Ginger...5 lbs and fully grown....a Yorkie. We were very lucky to get her! She's been a great pet....lots of work at time...but a great pet!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite people in the world is named Ginger.