Sunday, February 04, 2007

True Colors

For those who think they know our little girl as "sweet, shy little Megan" let me correct that erroneous belief. For some reason she still clams up in public (we're working on that) but at home, she can best be described as a silly, song-singing, face-making, ham. So now you know.


Sherri said...

Silly Girl!
Everyone thinks that Madison is so quiet because she doesn't clown around others like she does at home. When she finally gets to know a good friend well enough to be herself, they can't believe how crazy she is!

Ryan said...

true colors indeed. I got a picture of ethan picking his nose and then megan wanted me to do the same of her (which i refused saying girls don't do that). later she managed to trick me into taking a picture of her picking her nose.