Monday, February 19, 2007

Our new toy

A long time ago, back when we had to load film into cameras and we still feared things like exposing it by accident, I owned a nice camera. I had fleeting ideas about a career in photography, even doing a mentorship at our local paper my senior year of high school. Then somewhere along the way, I had kids, and they seem to lack the patience to wait for mommy to focus the camera or fiddle with the shutter speed, so I went back to a point and shoot. Then someone, presumably a parent, invented digital cameras, so we could afford to take millions of pictures of our children and mess all but 12 of them up without regret. So the thought of a digital SLR crept into my mind.

Last weekend my dream became a reality. We are now the proud owners of a Canon Rebel XTI and we're having fun. I am quite rusty when it comes to aperture and shutter speed and all that, and I really must take some time soon to refresh my memory or all I will have is a very expensive point and shoot camera. But it's coming back to me a little at a time with trial and error (thank God for digital!) and here's the proof. (Erik took some as well - can't have all the credit!).

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Celebrating Chinese New Year

How cute is this little one?

Megan and her girlfriends Faith and Abby

Cub Scout pinewood derby preparation

The obligatory tropical flower picture


Ryan said...

Sweet! I'm glad you've got it and you're enjoying it. That picture of E&E is AWESOME btw. nice job.

Gina Marie said...

Thanks Ryan - means a lot coming from a pro like you! It's actually part of a series of 4 that I took in a row. I'll try to post all four. I'd like to do it in a way that if you hold the mouse over it, it scrolls through all four. But that's something for the likes of Erik, not me.

Sherri said...

Those look great!

Andrew said...

haha very nice, esp. that one of erik and ethan.

although i'm actually posting to show you this wikipedia site on singlish. i think it might ... well, be interesting anyway. maybe it'll serve to partially clear up those weird singapore english rules?

chinatammy said...

How fun!!! I think you are going to LOVE it! I'm not quite as advanced as you - I'm still trying to learn how to set the aperture and shutter speed - I mean I know how to do it on my camera I just don't know when to use what setting. I'm SO enjoying learning and experimenting though! Your pictures are GREAT! much love - Tam