Sunday, February 11, 2007

To Thailand and Back

If you've wondered about my cyber-silence, it's due to my presence in Chiang Mai this past week (and thus my absence in Singapore). I did take my computer, but I neglected to connect to the internet at all. I just used it to watch movies and, yeah, I guess that's it.

Chiang Mai was good. I was there for a homeschool conference - my first! - and then to spend a few days with my husband, who was there for another conference, ironically. (Thailand is the place for conferences because it's cheap and somewhat central in southern Asia). I would write more, but I caught a cold while there and feel pretty miserable. Yet I still have to plan homeschool tonight from all the fabulous ideas I learned at the conference. Pictures to come.


Anonymous said...

Gina ~

I took Faith to see some Chinese Acrobats in Racine last Saturday. They said that Monkey King is a very popular story in China. Then a petite man came out and danced looking and acting like a monkey. It almost seemed innapropriate, but was curious about the story. Have you heard of it? I look forward to the new pictures.
I switched to Beta, and am having trouble posting. I hear this is common.

Gina Marie said...

Yes, monkey king is quite famous in China. We saw several performances with a monkey character like that, but I don't remember the details.