Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hands off the leg!

Our recent trip to Thailand brought back memories of one of my favorite Ethan stories. It happened pre-blog, so I thought I'd share it for those of you who could use a laugh today. And who doesn't really?

So two years ago when we were in Thailand (Ethan was not quite 4), my friend Ginger and I were out by the pool with the kids. Ethan was exploring a bit on his own. He came to me and told me he wanted to go back to our room, and he seemed a bit sad. As we were walking, he broke down into tears.
"What's wrong Ethan?"
"I was playing with the leg" (sob sob) "and the man said, 'Hey, that's my leg!!'" (sob sob).

Turns out there was a man with a prosthetic leg swimming in the pool who had left his leg near his stuff. It looked kind of creepy because it still had the sandal and sock on it, and he'd draped a towel over the top. Ethan's curiosity got the better of him, and apparently the fear of a destroyed prosthetic leg got the better of that man.

Once Ethan was restored, I had to explain to him why people don't like it when you play with their prosthetic legs. Then I had to try to be patient while he ran through every possible way the man might attach the leg, even though I kept saying I didn't know ("Tape? Buttons? Snaps?" "I don't know Ethan!!!")

This year, no prosthetic leg incident. Which is probably good for everyone involved.

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