Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ethan's 6th birthday

Our boy turned 6 today unbelievably. I can't help but consider that it means I'm also 6 years older than I was when he was born!

This afternoon we took the kids and two of their friends, Luke and Aaron, to the infamous Reptile Paradise (see previous post). We got taken a bit by a guy who will serve as your "guide" through the park because he convinced Erik that we wouldn't be able to sit on the old tortoises or feed the iguanas if we didn't hire him. He also told us we could watch him feed the other animals. Well, the iguana part was true, but while we were feeding them he went ahead and fed all the other animals and we missed it. So later we went back and sat on the big tortoises again to get our money's worth.

Of course the kids had a great time, but when we came back Ethan seemed a little peaked. I brought out his presents and he barely blinked. Turns out he was running a fever - not the most fun thing to do on his birthday. Fortunately we decided to have his party on Saturday instead of today - hopefully he'll be better by then.

Ethan kept saying today that he wished he was still five. Somehow this relates to the fact that his party isn't for two more days, but I'm not clear how. I think I still wish he was five too, but time marches on. It'll be fun to see what his does with this year.

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