Wednesday, January 25, 2006


At the front of our complex they have installed a metal bar about four inches off the ground in between the in and out lanes. Theoretically, this is to keep people from driving across and hitting oncoming traffic. Never mind that there were already silver markers deliniating the lanes - we needed further reinforcement to keep us in the right place.

Yesterday, when I came home, I was directed to enter in the "out" lane because some brainiac had driven his nice white sportscar over the bar in such a way that he was stuck there.

You might think that this will cause the management to rethink the decision to install the bar. We fear it will lead them to installing a fence.


Michelle said...


Got your magnent the other day. We have placed it next to our original Butz couple magnent. At the risk of offending Eric... You look exactly the same, but he seems to have changed. Eric has become more distinguished looking.

Gina Marie said...

You mean he's slowing moving away from looking 12. Please get rid of our old magnet - I hate it! If you look, you can see that I'm trying to tickle Megan to get her to laugh, and it's not working. And Ethan has a bad haircut.

Michelle said...

No that one got something sticky on it and kept leaving a residue on my fridge. I mean the one pre-children. Just you and Eric with the leaves surrounding you. Todd and Phoebe have the couple one on their fridge too. Tropical air must really agree with you.

Yes moving away from the 12 look is exactly what I meant.