Saturday, December 31, 2005

Menace to society

We received a notice in the mail last week from our friendly management company. It listed out several resolutions they are puting into effect for the coming year. Some of them meant improvement, such as the replacement of bushes throughout the complex (though I can't see anything wrong with the current ones). However, one spells the end of fun times for our little folks here in Kentish.

There have, it says, been reports of people riding bicycles throughout the complex at "high speeds", particularly into the car park. Therefore, from now on there will be no riding of bicycles within the premises. All bicycles must be walked to the front entrance.

So gone are the days of our children riding races around the fountain, because even though no one has actually been injured or even had to step aside to avoid our kids, it seems the mere thought of people biking in an open space is abhorrent and dangerous. We'll have to venture out to find other open spaces to ride in until a notice is posted there . . .

The amusing part about this notice was the last line which read, (specifically regarding the bike riding) "with your cooperation we can stamp out this menace!" I've never been a menace to society before. I feel like a reckless American outlaw.

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