Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cat Lady

There's a woman across the street who often approaches people with pleas for money to feed her cat. I've been one of the approached. The first time she wanted me to buy something for her so she could use the money to feed her cat. The second time she tried the woman in front of me in line for the ATM, then me. She didn't ask me to buy anything that time - just a flat out, "Give me money feed my cat?"

Now, call me insensitive, but if you're reduced to begging to feed a cat, wouldn't the humility of doing so override the desire to own the cat? Why not give the cat to someone who could feed it regularly? I don't know - maybe there's a whole history with the cat here that I'm unaware of. She does seem a bit unstable though.

Anyway, that was just one of many odd things that happened yesterday. If I have time tomorrow I'll share them.

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