Monday, November 28, 2005

The Price of Stupidity

Few feelings are as uncomfortable as the one I had when, last Friday, I casually asked my husband, "Hey, did you ever get our visas to go to China?" The look on his face made it apparent that the answer was no.

Never fear - one day turn around to the rescue. This does create some inconvenience for me today, as I have to go to the embassy between 9-12 to drop off our passports, and pick them up between 3-4. The more frustrating thing is the amount of money we will have to shell out to get them this fast. That, my friends, is called the price of stupidity. Call it the price of carelessness if you want to be more gracious, but we might as well have just flushed that money down the toilet.

But all that to say we're very excited to go to China! I looked at the weather today and I'm thrilled to see that it will only be dipping down into the mid-40's there this week. I was imagining something more like the 20's. So we won't freeze, but I fear it won't snow. I was really hoping it would snow for my kids' sake. We even bought some rain boots at Mustafa on the off chance it might. It rarely snows in this part of China so the chances were never really that good.

And finally, I'll close with a Megan quote from yesterday. We were driving to Picket and Rail, the infamous store where we got our wrong color bed, to exchange our mirror. Once we mounted it we realized that it has a fun house quality to it. Turns out all the mirrors there possess that quality so we got one that does it a little less. But the point of my story: driving there, Megan was chewing gum. Suddenly she cried and said, "My gum fell out of my mouth and it went . . . . somewhere." She was really distraught so we had a hard time holding back the chuckles. Maybe you had to be there.

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Michelle said...

Whenever you write about Mustafa I always picture Simbas dad first.