Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hair woes

I don't know any man who has ever cried over a haircut. Maybe I just don't know the right men, but I do know women who have cried over a haircut, including myself. And now, my daughter.

I really thought that she shouldn't have to cry over a haircut until she's at least a teenager, but our little girl does have quite a sensitive heart. Couple that with a strong desire to be exactly like her friend Faith, and you get a child who was not happy with the haircut mommy gave her.

In all fairness, it's not a bad haircut. I'll admit it's shorter than I had planned, but it doesn't look bad. Just short. Partly that's because it curls when it's dry, and partly because I'm not a professional hairdresser (leaning more heavily toward the latter). But she took one look at it in the mirror and burst into tears, insisting that she didn't want it that way, like somehow I could change it.

I gave her all the reasons for it, which to me are quite valid. For one thing, brushing her long hair every day was torture for both of us, especially since you can't find spray in conditioner here (or at least I can't - if someone has a tip on that I'd appreciate it). And because she won't let me put it up in pony tails or anything, she has heat rash on her neck all the time from that thick hair laying on it. That's what finally made me decide that shorter would be better.

But none of these pragmatic reasons mattered to Megan. All she could see was that she was no longer like Faith. After a short time though, she decided that she likes it, and it looks cute. I think she'd look cute if we shaved her, but you won't see any posts about me doing that.

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