Sunday, November 20, 2005

Island hopping

Within a quick plane or ferry ride in any direction of Singapore there are a thousand islands available for vacation. We finally took the opportunity to visit one of them from Friday to Saturday with some friends of ours.

Our island of choice was Bintan, Indonesia. Even though it was less than an hour by ferry, and we were there for less than 48 hours, we had to bring along passports and visas. The trouble is well worth it though for the fun that you can have.

We stayed at the Bintan Lagoon Resort. I don't know how it ranks compared to other places on the island (which is quite a large island, at least compared to Singapore) but we thought it was beautiful! We had first floor ocean view rooms. We realized we don't often stay in hotels with our kids because Ethan kept wondering where the kitchen, washing machine, and other ammenities were. On Saturday when we looked at villas you can rent, he was all ready to move in to our "new home." We've got to get out more.

Friday morning we pulled in around 9 a.m. The guys took the kids swimming (they have three boys who are 7, 5, and 3) while Wendy and I rested. After lunch Wendy and I got reflexology massages while the guys read and the kids watched a movie. Later that afternoon we girls took the kids to the other pool and the guys - well, I don't know what they did actually.

Saturday morning Erik and Steve went golfing (getting on the ferry there were baggage carts full of just golf clubs) and we took the kids to the beach, and then swimming. Since we are in the tropical rainforest climate we did have to endure a torrential rainstorm, but that was mercifully during lunch and video arcade time. We had to check out of our rooms a little early so we wandered around on the beach during low tide. The kids were wiped by the time we got back on the ferry.

A good time was had by all. The kids want to know when we get to go back! Pictures to come.


Michelle said...

Did you ever see A Broken Down Palace? I always wondered if the court systems in Singapore and Tia Land were similar, and if you need to worry about the corruption as much as that film suggests. Because I'd be more hesitent to travel for fear I'd break some law out of ignorance, and suffer the extream consiquences. Obviously the film is sensationalized, but there could be some foundation of truth there.

Gina Marie said...

Do you mean Thailand? Thailand has a different court system as far as I understand. I know that they have a king who actually has power. I've never seen the movie. I was afraid at first that I would break a law here in Singapore out of ignorance, but most of the minor laws just have fines as consequences. It's not like they cane you for jay walking.