Monday, October 17, 2005

Crazy Deepavali

Last night the kids and I had the pleasure to eat out with some old friends of mine from my single days in Mankato. Afterwards, we drove back down Serangoon Road, which is the main street of Little India. If I haven't mentioned it before, Little India on a Sunday is crazy. Buses of Indian men come from all over the country for their day off. They fill any available open space, talk, eat, shop, and generally enjoy each others' company.

Despite the rain, all those people were there, plus everyone else out celebrating Deepavali. The actual holiday isn't for a few more weeks, but it's kind of like the month before Christmas, when everyone's out shopping and getting excited for the big event. As a result, it was nearly impossible to drive down the road. I almost hit at least 3 men who just ran out in the road (it's a four lane, one way road) in front of me. Where I normally turn left to short cut to our road, I couldn't, because the road was just filled with people. Ethan's appropriate comment was, "What are all these people thinking?!" My thoughts exactly. But I did spy a "Deepavali bazaar" that looked quite fun. I might just brave it one of these nights when Erik is back.

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