Monday, July 25, 2005


The other day my friend Ginger and I went to the Mall of America for some power shopping. I stopped at Archiver's (that's not the unbelievable part. I can smell scrapbook stores from miles away, sort of like how sharks smell blood in the water) and bought a few things. Ginger and I sat on a bench while she fed her adorable new baby boy, and I left the Archiver's bag there.

A few stores later we realized this fact, and despite backtracking, we couldn't find it. I chalked it up to a lost cause. But! Ginger pulled her phone out about an hour later to check the time and noticed she had a message. It was my husband. Apparently, someone found my bag and returned it to Archiver's. Then, because for some inexplicable reason they ask for your phone number at Archiver's and I, also for reasons unknown at the time, had given them my mom's number, they called my mom. My mom called Erik, who called Ginger, and left a message. Great! So we rejoiced, and Ginger subsequently left her cell phone sitting on that bench.

A few stores later we realized this second mistake. Ginger went to security and reported it missing, then headed to Radio Shack to cancel it.

And yet, there is a happy ending to this story. The next day, the mall called her and said someone had turned the phone in. So it seems there are still good people out in the world!


Michelle said...

I was going to ask you about Ginger. Does she have a blog yet? It was good talking with you yesterday. But isn't today your Birthday?? I hope so becasue I sent you an e-card.
What is her sons name?

Miranda said...

If it was your b-day: Happy Birthday!

Gina Marie said...

It was my birthday on monday. :) Ginger doesn't have a blog that I know of - I was with her on Monday too. Her son is adorable! His name is Finnigan Michael Zenk.