Saturday, July 02, 2005

House of Hui's

So we thought, "We'll just find a restaurant by the movie theater - there'll be lots of them!" Or, the movie theater could be a lone structure in a vast residential area.

We ventured past the theater, trying to guess where we might find food. We turned down a street and found a strip mall that held one restaurant, "House of Hui's." That was when we made the silly mistake of saying, "Hey, yeah, Chinese food sounds good."

Nothing against House of Hui's. It's a nice little mom and pop establishment dishing out copious amounts of Chinese food, primarily through take out. But despite the fact that a lot of Chinese food in the states is made by people actually from China, something gets lost en route. You just can't get great Chinese food outside of China. When we left, Erik said, "I think I need to go for a really long bike ride tomorrow to get rid of all that fat." This, coming from the man with warp speed metabolism.

We saw War of the Worlds. I was expecting more of an action flick - which it was - but didn't know it would be so hide-behind-by-hands-heart-racing-afraid-to-put-my-feet-down suspenseful. At one point Erik said, "I can't see how this is going to end well." I won't give away the ending to tell you whether or not it does. If you're looking for a thrill, this is a good flick. Definitely entertaining. But the whole time I kept thinking, "Tom Cruise really believes this stuff!"

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