Monday, July 26, 2010

I have not forgotten how to be thankful. I have simply been storing them up in my heart!

251. My family is here! This includes:
252. My dad
253. My mom
254. My sister, Lisa
255. My brother, Christopher
256. My sister-in-law, Rachel
257. 3 bags worth of supplies from the States which was like Christmas!
258. Having all of them here for my birthday
259. The joy of seeing our kids enjoy their family members
260. Gifts from Uncle Christopher and Aunt Rachel that will encourage our kids in their interests (specifically learning guitar and cooking)
261. How relaxed everyone in my family is, whether we are braving a tourist site or chilling at home
262. Their presence has filled in the gap left by our friends
263. BBQs in the backyard, even if it hot and muggy
264. Our little pool in the backyard for hot days
265. Great birthday gifts that say "I know you and I love you" from friends and family
266. Help with the kids while my family is here!
267. Eric and Jen Ford, and kids, back for a few weeks
268. Time with Jen at the dirt market, where I got the lamp I've wanted
269. Successfully finding an apartment for friends coming from the U.S.
270. Progress on our apartment
271. A move date - August 16th!
272. The use of a friend's car so we can drive everyone to fun places around town
273. board game fun with the family
274. a tragic car key breaking incident last week resulting in Erik having a great spiritual conversation with a woman who owns a massage store (you'd better believe we're both going back there for more conversation and massages!)
275. Erik has been able to be with us for most of this time that my family has been visiting!

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