Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Christopher and Rachel Brenna

Have I mentioned that my brother recently got married? When we were growing up, he had a lot of interesting theories about the kind of girl he was going to marry. Like once he had a dream he was going to marry a girl whose name started with M. He dated a lot of girls whose names started with M. His wife's name is Rachel, so scrap that I guess.

But despite theories, he managed to find himself a decent woman. Ok, that's selling her short. She's honestly everything I've ever thought Christopher needed and more. He's one blessed man. Their wedding was the most meaningful wedding I've ever attended (my apologies if I attended your wedding). I think watching my little brother get married must be a fraction of what it's like to watch your kids get married. It was seriously hard to have a direct view of him! He teared up right away, so there was no hope for me. It was a great blessing for all of us to be included in the wedding party. But words can't really do it justice - suffice to say it was a great day, I'm thrilled for both of them because they are so good for each other, and here are the pictures to prove it all.

PS Rachel I'm jealous you got my maiden name. I really want it back. :)


Rachel said...

=) I like my new last name too, Gina!

Robyn said...

Great photos, Gina!