Monday, August 17, 2009

Focus on the good

One of the ways I have wanted to grow recently is in optimism. I generally depend on my husband to be the optimist one of the family, as he has more than his share to grow around (one of the many reasons I love and keep him). Of course the best way to grow in optimism is to be presented with situations in which the ability to remain positive is tested. Cue "moving into apartment scenario."

I could list off my reasons why it's tempting to crawl into a hole and hope that Mary Poppins shows up and sings that magical song during which all my displaced items will jump and fly their way to appropriate locations, but it's time to think positively. So here's my list of some of the things that I'm thankful for right now:

1. Erik was home today! His presence always has a calming effect on me.
2. Although not all of our furniture is here (hence the many displaced items) what is here is beautiful, and the rest is expected on Thursday. I can't wait!
3. In the coming months, our city will get drier and cooler. Why is this good? Because the recent humidity and the arrival of our dust infested shipment has reawakened my allergies for the time being, but I am confident that it will diminish in the coming weeks.
4. We have an 8kg washer, which will definitely help with the dust mites! I know that's nothing compared to washers in the States, but it's typical to have a 5kg washing machine here, which amounts to about 5 items of clothing. I can't tell you how much I've washed (and dried in my American dryer!) today.
5. Our wardrobe appears to be able to hold much more clothing than I first anticipated. We might fit it all in after all!
6. We started homeschool today, and it went well. More on that on my other blog.
7. We found a beautiful rug for 300 kuai (about $45), I had custom couch covers (a two seater and a three seater) and curtains made for all our windows for $430. I love this country.
8. We have workers coming on Wednesday to finish little details like the outlets that don't work, towel bars and hooks that need to be put up, and a fish pond that needs leveling. So thankful that someone else can do those things, and for very little money.
9. I have so much support here! I have great friends who live in our complex, and when our kids aren't out playing in the courtyard, they are probably at one of their houses. I know if I need someone to help me with the house, go shopping with me, watch my kids, or just hear about my day, they're here for me.
10. Our kids are fed and clothed and sheltered and happy, and they seem to be taking this all in stride.

I keep thinking today, "Rome wasn't built in a day." Though I long for the day when everything will be in its place, the pictures will be hung, the house will feel lived in and feel like it is ours, I know it will take time. I'd appreciate prayers for patience and peace in the process, and for my thoughts to stay fixed on the good!


Starlene said...

It sounds like you are doing a fine job focusing on the positives. Keep it up!!

Robyn said...

Love the way you chose to focus on the positives. I so often focus on the negative, so am trying to do the same. I'm sure your apartment will be gorgeous. So glad you have people over there to help you out when you need it, and that your kids are adjusting well. If you ever need to talk, or need anything, I'm here!