Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The toe

People keep asking about Megan's toe. It's never visible to the general public because she herself refuses to view it. This requires a constant switching of socks, Crocs (but only inside!), shoes, flippers or loads of bubbles in the bathtub.

Today I convinced her to let me take a few pictures of the toe for you all to see. It looks fairly normal, but the lack of a tendon on the bottom side means that she can't curl it down. As a result, it sticks out a bit more than the others. It also seems to be much more chummy with its right neighbor than it was previously.

So here it is - judge for yourself how it looks. She is coming to terms with the fact that it may never curl down as much as the other ones, since she lost the tendon on the bottom. I for one think it might end up being a cool party game someday (hey, check this out - I can make my middle toe stick out straight!). Maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Can you tell which toe it is? If it's not obvious, it's the middle toe on the left foot. Her foot itself looks a little goofy because she has a rash right now. Notice how the skin between the second and third toes is connected a little higher than on the right foot. This is what seems to be making it lean to the right.

I think if you click on this picture you'll be able to see more clearly the pin mark in the end of the toe. Here it's a little more obvious that it's not back to normal, and may never be. Are you still letting your children wear Crocs outside?? They're evil!

I asked Megan to curl her toes down, which is when the injury becomes more pronounced. It's strange to feel it, because literally she has no power to push her toe down - there's no muscle there to make it happen. But we're thankful she still has a toe at all!

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Ryan said...

Oh it's hideous!