Thursday, February 15, 2007

So far, so good

After a year of having cable TV in our house (previously we had nothing but static) I am relieved to say I unhooked the cable box three days ago and set it by the door. It's going back. We thought we should get cable originally to do noble things like watch the local news and educate ourselves about the country in which we live. I have watched about 1/2 hour of the local news in the past year. On the other hand, I've clocked more than my share of hours watching the E! channel.

Already I feel like I can breathe again. I can hear myself think. My children haven't asked for it beyond the first "Why are you taking the box away?" No more listening to another synopsis of Scooby Doo (don't my kids realize every episode is essentially the same?) or theme songs from kid shows that get stuck in my head. I find myself turning toward a book, my husband, my kids, hobbies. TV is too easily the path of least resistance in life.

It feels good. Sure, I won't know who wins American Idol this season, or at least I won't see it happen. But I may finally write that book I've had in my head, now that I "have the time."


Sherri said...

I'm proud of you.
My computer is the path of least reistence for me. I don't really watch TV. I would love to get rid of ours...often. I just hate that we can't go a day without it being turned on. But then again, I couldn't go a day without my computer. I do think, however, that I do a lot more creative things on here than one can with the tv!!
I would love to write the novel that is in my head too. I have a VERY LITTLE bit of it written. One day...I am going to get it out!!!

Gina Marie said...

Yeah, I have part of the first chapter and a bare bones outline. My computer's the next thing to go, I swear. I have tried to limit myself to not turning on my computer until noon, and not checking it again. I really should stick to that, but I guess I'll try one major life change at a time.

I've thought about selling the TV - we could get rid of the TV cabinet and have room for a piano! But it is nice for the kids to watch a movie once in awhile without sitting in front of a little computer screen. Maybe that will be next year's radical change.