Thursday, December 14, 2006

Homeschool games . . . or . . . I'm finally glad I have tile floors

As part of our Christmas activities, the kids and I made gingerbread bean bag people. Well, ok, they were out of brown felt at the craft store, so they're a greenish brown. So you wouldn't be tempted to eat them. But anyway, part of my purpose was to have little bean bags for all the homeschool games which seem to call for them.

One in particular was a math game which requires large squares of paper with numbers written on them, placed on the floor. Being creative and sometimes lazy, I thought, "I have tile and Crayola window markers," hence the game pictured below. We drew the numbers, and the kids took turns answering math questions - for Megan it was simple addition and "what comes before or after?" and for Ethan, it was subtracting from double numbers. Then they had to throw their people onto the answer. Megan loved it so much that when Erik and Ethan went to the Cub Scout pack meeting tonight, that's what she wanted to do for Megan/mommy time.

Having been fairly discouraged by homeschool lately, finding something they enjoyed which also teaches them something was like winning the lottery. And my tile floors combined with those window markers now look like a giant chalkboard.

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