Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gina 1, Video Clerk 0

I scored a point today in the "Have it Your Way" game. I went to a local video store to use two coupons for free video rentals. I anticipated some obstacles, as it doesn't seem likely that I could get anything for free here.

When the clerk took my videos, he asked for my card. I had never been there before, so I informed him I had no card (figuring this was where the obstacle course began). He told me I had to fill out a form with my particulars and show him my green card. I didn't have my green card. (note to self: put green card back in wallet). Here's our ensuing conversation:

"I don't have my green card, but I do have my Singapore driver's license, which has my FIN number on it." (that's my ID # - what he needed to see on my green card)
"Uh , sorry, but I need to see your green card."
"Ah, but I couldn't have a Singapore driver's license if I didn't have a green card in the first place right?"

Faced with the obvious, he relented. Score! I wrote down my number and walked triumphantly from the store. Chalk one up for Gina. I may not win the war, but in this battle I was victorious.


Michelle said...

I think I need to make up a fun game like this. Not that my life isn't intresting enough, but I'm sure it could cut back on complaining. I wonder if this is how driniking games manifest?

Gina Marie said...

Definitely. This could easily be made into a drinking game.