Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Theology according to Ethan

I've had a few interesting conversations with my son about spiritual things lately. Here's his take on the enemy:

"Mommy, when I sin, it's because Satan's on the throne in my life."
"Well, actually honey, when you belong to Jesus, Satan doesn't have that place in your life. So when you sin, it's really you on the throne. But it's because you're believing a lie. Satan lies to us. Like when you hit someone, you're listening to the lie that to get what you want you have to be unkind."
"And mommy, when Megan hit me, it was because Megan was on the throne. And Satan told me to hit her back and be on my throne and I said, 'No, Satan! Jesus is on my throne!' "

"Mommy, Satan throws dirt at us, and Jesus sprays it away with water!"
"Really, so what is the dirt? Is it like lies that he's telling us?"
"Um . . . yeah, dirt lies."
"And what is the water that Jesus uses?"
"Um . . . it's from a hose."

So there you have it. Theology from a five year old.


Michelle said...

I went to a Jars of Clay concert on Sunday and one of the openers was Sarah Groves. I wondered if she was related to Kari Groves. Anyway she was talking about having a son the same age as her sister both boys are five too. Her sister called and said "Sarah Rocco just accept Christ into his heart." Then she called again the next day and said "Sarah Rocco just accepted Spiderman into his heart."

Gina Marie said...

Yeah, I've heard that the whole "asking Christ into your heart" is not a good way to phrase it for kids because they take it very literally. We said that with Ethan at first, but now we just talk about Jesus being in his life. It's fun to see him try to figure things out.