Saturday, July 23, 2005

Now this is more like it

We got an early start on Sunday so we could hit the Highline trail which runs alongside Going to the Sun Road (the main road through the park). We were fairly concerned that we'd have another day of rain because it was so cloudy visibility was no more than 10-20 feet driving up Going to the Sun Road. We got out at Logas Pass and started our trek. The first section is a path along sheer rock. We couldn't see anything on the other side, the side where if you fall, you will fall a very very long way. I mean literally, we saw nothing. There could have been UFO's hovering 10 feet out and we would have missed it all.

Within about an hour or so, things were clearing up. This trail is 7.6 miles over fairly level ground. It ends at the Granite Park Chalet, which was built in 1913. We stopped there for an hour, and, crazy people that we are, decided to hike back. I started wondering how many people have fallen off the mountain just because their legs decide to throw themselves off rather than have to take another step. I was almost startled off the mountain by a huge bird flapping its wings in the bushes near me, and had to chicken fight with a mountain goat (he decided to go around me). In the end, we were glad we did it though. It's amazing to get back down to the ground and see how far up and away we climbed. It's a great sense of accomplishment.

Sunday's stats:
Miles hiked: 16
Wildlife spotted: hoards of marmots and squirrels, several big horn sheep, mountain goats, big bird that scared me

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