Saturday, July 23, 2005

Adventures Foiled

We knew that there was a 50% chance of rain Saturdayy, but doesn't that mean that theoretically, 50% of that vast national park should be dry? We went in search of it.

We stopped at one trail which Erik insisted would be fun, but when a misty gail threatened to blow me into the Dakotas, I insisted more (which I am inclined to do) that there had to be somewhere better. Our next try was at St. Mary's Falls, which is a short hike to an impressive gush of water. We wanted to go further up the trail to some place my dad had recommended, but when we looked up and saw black clouds, we thought it would be a good time for a trail run. We made it back to the car only slightly damp.

Everyone had recommended Avalanche trail to us, which ends at five waterfalls. It was only about a 4 mile round trip so we figured we could outrun any rain that came our way. That was an erroneous assumption, especially since neither of us was wearing rain gear. The rain came so suddenly we had barely turned back. I used Erik's sweatshirt as an umbrella until it started dripping through. He ran for the car and I found shelter under the end of a canoe sticking off of a car. So much for that hike.

In the end, we went to a new hotel on the west end, read some books, and made use of their hot tub (ahhh!). I've concluded that God is not a respecter of vacations. I guess if it's a choice between Erik and Gina's perfect hiking vacation and the earth's regular need to be watered, God's going to side with the earth. I don't blame Him for this. It has to ruin somebody's day, so it might as well be mine. I feel no less loved. And besides, it makes you appreciate the sunny days even more. :)

Saturday's stats:
Miles hiked: a disappointing 2 or so, but that's ok
Wildlife spotted: 2 (oooo! Look honey! That big animal - is that a moose? It can't be a bear, its legs are too long. Oh, they're . . . ) cows

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