Saturday, August 18, 2012

Life Goes On

Do you ever wonder if everyone's getting together without you?

In a few weeks, I know they will be, because I will be gone. One of the weird by-products of transition is in full force for me these days; the realization that life will go on without us.

Wow, when I write it that way, it sounds really egocentric, which is really not my intention. I do realize that life goes on in lots of places without us and the people are perfectly happy and content. I imagine most people in China will continue this way as well, though it's comforting to know that for a few people, there will be a time of sadness.

No, what I mean is that I am aware of the fact that we will no longer be a part of their lives the way we are now, and I want to be.

I am reminded when I'm handed a bulletin for the fall activities and I politely decline, when the co-op schedule appears in my inbox and I don't even look at it, when I hear people talking about the race in October, the conference in January, I know that we will miss them all. Just today I told a friend that she really should get out to a local park in the fall because it's lovely. She can go. I can't.

Life goes on. Our friends must make plans. And we will be making plans without them, elsewhere.

But it's good to think back on all the days we've had together. (now the Cheers theme song jumps into my head). It's also good to know that we will be missed in all those future moments, just as we will miss being here.

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