Thursday, August 30, 2012

14419 Nell Drive

 Last week was our 15th anniversary, so Erik bought me a house in Orlando.

It's unusual in many ways. In fact, at first it was so unusual that I didn't really want it. The former owners custom designed it in what we'll call an "eccentric" way, which sounds better than what I called it before which was, "designed by drunk people." The upside of this eccentricity is that it's one of a kind! Hard to find anywhere, but especially in Orlando where housing developments abound.

Aside from the layout, it's unusual because you can't reach out your window and touch your neighbor's house like most houses in Orlando. In fact, we can only really see the neighbor to our west. In the back we have a fence and trees blocking our view of anyone, and to the east, as you can see, there's an acre of trees. Yes, our acre! Hello future guest house (in the way distant future when we win the lottery and have the money to build it). In the meantime, you can stay in the guest room, or pitch a tent if you really want to stay outside.

When I look at this house now, I see lots and lots of potential, and if you know how much I love to decorate, you know I'm like a kid looking in the window of a candy store right now.

Here's what else we love/are looking forward to about it:

It comes with deer! Ok, not ours but how sweet is that? (until it eats my garden)

The dining room has wood floors and I'm picturing a wall treatment below that chair rail

A three+ car garage. What??

Hello cabinet space as I've never had before

This might be my favorite part - the second floor deck off the master bedroom

Fire pit! Or, rather, was and will be. Someone stole the bricks, but we'll replace them and make it even better!

A master bedroom that is ridonkulously huge

This is part of the "unusual" - this is the front of the house, which faces the neighbor. I have plans for it, starting with tearing down that fence.

The joke's on us - Erik and I hate houses that scream "Welcome to our garage" and ours appears to be the poster child for it. But what a nice garage it is.

Second favorite part - HUGE porch off the living room. We want to screen this in.

I'm picturing this landscaped and flanked by our new stone lamps

And did we mention the pool?


laura said...

Gina, it's so great! the fire pit?!?!?

I think that garage might be bigger than our apartment - he he he! And if we do visit (which i hope we get a chance maybe one day?) then I'll volunteer our kids for the back yard tent!

praying for you these last days friend,

Gina Marie said...

It is a crazy huge garage. Erik's excited about a little work area in it! (maybe not so little as we only have two cars). We'll happily host your family for your future Disney vacation. :)

Four Buttons said...

SO LOVELY!!! We are so excited for you guys!!! That house looks amazing, and it sounds like you will not be lacking in projects for a while :) Love to you all :)

missy said...

what a blessing to find a place like that in the land of cookie cutter houses. "designed by drunk people"...LOL!

Jeannie Byer said...

Hi Gina,
The garage might not be too big after all. Two kids might mean two extra cars at some time in the future. We had seven cars jockeying for space in our (two car)garage and driveway. Somebody was always being blocked in!

Karin pace said...

Beautiful! Congrats to you guys!