Sunday, May 01, 2011

I haven't forgotten to be thankful!

I know I haven't posted a thankful list for awhile, but it's not because I haven't been! I've been noticing the little gifts in my life (and for that I am, of course, grateful!) but not taking the time to write all of them down.

Some have made the list though, and here they are:

595. old friends
596. more old friends
597. and still more old friends! (I mean I've known them a long time. They are not, because if they are, then I am too).
598. Finding a teapot online for 1/2 the price in the store
599. spring blossoms
600. warm sunshine
601. seeing dramatic ability grow in our kids
602. finding just one more dark chocolate m&m (thanks Rachel!)
603. a sherpa throw
604. prayer time with friends
605. the joy of watching our kids learn
606. running
607. free cranio-sacral therapy
608. overcoming fear
609. hearing an old friend on Skype
610. knowing she thought of calling me in a free moment
611. making plans for the summer
612. nearly finishing a six year long writing project
613. Nine years of Megan
614. Friends from #604 asking about the things I asked them to pray for
615. my curtain lady who was delighted that I came back to her because I like her so much
616. Waking up early without an alarm
617. The small painting that now hangs across the bedroom that reminds me to stop and enjoy life in the moment

1 comment:

Victoria said...

#607....I'm on a rotation right now to practice and hone in my cranial-sacral skills :)