Monday, May 09, 2011

The Home Stretch

It's that time of year again, when I find myself running on less than a full tank. It usually seems to happen that Erik has a lot of travel in May, right when I am trying to convince myself that our kids should keep doing school at least until the end of the month. This trip has been 8 days and the time difference had made it difficult for us to communicate at all, so I've been one tired and lonely mama. He arrives back around 2 pm this afternoon, and while I already slept in, I'd love to do nothing until then.

But that brings me back to school, which theoretically should happen between now and then. Right now the kids are happily playing with these Angry Birds and Plants and Zombies trading cards they've been buying 10 for 1Y at the little store down the street. Let's see, talking with the shopkeeper has been great language practice, and playing together is socialization, so that should cover school for the day right?

In other news, I had a great Mother's Day. A few days ago Megan said, "Mommy, I made you something that I want you to wear for Mother's Day" which is a fun but somewhat scary prospect. It turned out to be a clay heart on a turquoise string that she'd made in art class and painted red. She was over the moon that I wore it - sorry, no picture!

Later we went out to lunch at a sort of new restaurant (recently reopened under new management) with friends. We had hoped to sit outside on the veranda overlooking a river, but it was cold and then started to rain (yay for rain!). We had a big party and there was another large group that came at the same time, so our food took a very long time. Thankfully we enjoyed our time together and were entertained by the Irish accents of our staff, and that carried us through.

Afterward I went for a massage with three other moms and then chatted for awhile at Starbucks while the dads took the kids. At one point we were at a stoplight and I looked back and said, "Hey, that donkey just ran into my car!" I moved forward a little and he did it again. All of us wished we had a camera! So weird to look back and see a donkey head in your back window.

As refreshing as all that was, I am still dragging today. Pray that I can keep on keeping on because Erik leaves again on Saturday!

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Six Wilsons said...

Gina, I feel your pain! Steve was gone for the weekend, he came back at 3pm on Mother's Day (also Ethan's b'day this yr) and leaves again in the morning at 7am. We cross in the air Thurs morning on my way to Fla. When I return, he flies out the next day for yet another trip. It's exhausting being a single parent, and homeschooling! I have to plan homeschool for him to do with the kids and would really he rather just play with them the whole time! But, I am blessed hes allowing me to go. I really should catch up via email, such a slacker these days. Praying fro your strength during these long days. Wishing we lived closer to MN! Love ya