Saturday, April 30, 2011

Five Minute Friday

If I Knew I Could, I Would . . . .


This is a tough one for me actually, because I don't think in those terms. Maybe it was my parents, who always believed I could do what I set my mind to, all their encouragement to use what God has given me, but I don't think that I'm not doing certain things because I can't.

So why aren't I doing them? And what would I do if whatever it is was not there? I would write a book. I would coach more women more frequently, and just spend more time hearing about their lives and hearts. I would spend more time with my family. I would figure out how to teleport between here and America.

As I look at those things, my answers include everything from time to lack of discipline to lack of intentionality to lack of scientific ability. So I guess the question I'm left with is, "Well, Gina, you CAN do these things (ok, except the teleporting) so why AREN'T you?"

A good reminder of what is really on my heart, and that I am really the only one standing in the way of what I feel I want to do.


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