Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Gifts

571. The house is consistently clean, and I didn't do it
572. Ethan's joy in Boy Scouts
573. homemade food like peanut butter and apple butter
574. The smell of campfires (ok, it wasn't really a campfire, but someone was burning something that smelled like one!)
575. Experiments in not eating processed food
576. The redemption of my soul through asking my kids for forgiveness after a tough mommy day
577. The graciousness of our kids after said tough mommy day
578. Getting my husband back for the weekend unexpectedly (he was supposed to be at a campout but they were kicked off their campsite)
579. Learning that the pain in my feet from running can be fixed with stretching, heel inserts, and better shoes
580. A fun birthday party for two friends
581. A shower curtain to replace the glass that broke
582. Highs in the upper 50's
583. The smell of rain
584. Homemade granola bars and yogurt
585. Encouraging words affirming my language skills 3 times in one week!
586. A quiet hour of The Hobbit
587. Erik and Megan playing capture the flag together in the house
588. Kids buried in books
589. Ethan being a patient teacher (to me!)
590. A snuggly moment with Megan in the morning
591. days of sunshine
592. Good friends who love me and invite me over to play
593. A reminder to look for God in the hard moments
594. And then to thank Him for them

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