Monday, February 28, 2011


539. A pleasant homeschool morning (we seem to have more of those these days!)
540. A note from Erik
541. kids reading for fun
542. Boy Scouts!
543. An hour and a half of quiet in the morning. Divine!
544. A husband who prays
545. A boy who plans his own birthday party, including diagrams
546.Photo ops
547. A long anticipated talk with a dear friend
548. Free sparklers from a stranger
549. chocolate covered cherries
550. No one was in the shower when it shattered
551. The exploding glass noise wasn't a window
552.Energy to do yoga at 6 a.m. despite 2 1/2 hours of sleep
553.Kids who like to help around the house
554.Ethan, all 11 years of him
555. Ethan's gracious, enthusiastic, unprompted gratitude to his friends for their gifts
556. Kids being kids
557. Lego block cake that really looked like Lego blocks
558. Elaborate games of Nerf battle
559. Getting it all done on time so I could enjoy the party
560. Erik being able to join us
561. Making a little girl's night by giving her an extra piece of cake
562. The blessing of so many friends for our kids
563. Erik :)
564. Bed, when the adrenaline high is suddenly over
565. "Thank yous" from the kids, out of the blue
566. time to write
567. "Ethan, you're doing so well at piano. You're getting better and better!" and his response, "That's because of you mom!"
568. The water coming back on (after being off for 24 hours in the kitchen)
569. Ethan's initiative in gathering friends for a game of Capture the Flag
570. Our old maid is coming back tomorrow!!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Again, I think the kids seem to be growing up be leaps and bounds. (Did I already tell you that?)