Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simple Gifts

504. Homemade chicken noodle soup
505. great internet service (you appreciate something more when you're without it for a few weeks!)
506. fresh rosemary
507. playing Settlers with the kids
508. playdates with new friends
509. a walk in the woods
510. Ethan pulling out witty, adult like comments
511. Families out walking together
512. Friendly vegetables people who "song" (free) small things like parsley
513. Making dinner with the kids
514. Megan's joy in setting the table for me without prompting
515. A sweet, silly moment with Megan at bedtime
516. A crisp day outside with the kids
517. A clean house
518. The satisfaction after exercising when I really didn't want to
519. A schedule full of good things
520. Dark chocolate
521. Family night
522. a long email from my brother
523. Ethan's prayers about his Chinese test
524. Learning with my kids
525. Snow!
526. Megan skipping
527. friends who pray for me, even when I don't ask
528. Ethan at 6:15 drawing schematics for his new Lego creation
529. Godly men who influence and encourage my husband
530. reading to Megan, curled up under a blanket together
531. Megan reading to me
532. Amazing opportunities for our kids
533. last minute gift carriers from the States
534. chocolate frosting
535. a reason to wear layers (we don't need them in the house!)
536. tea
537. naps

I actually have much more on my list, but I'll post it later. I've been in the habit of writing more down every night so my list gets long quickly! So many good things in life when I just take the time to notice!

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Rachel said...

I love reading your lists -- sounds like the kids are becoming more "grown up" each day. That makes me happy.