Saturday, February 05, 2011

More Gifts

This list was started in Thailand, then continues here in China:

475. An invitation to dinner with friends (who I was hoping wanted to spend more time with us)
476. Attempting to order Subway in Thailand makes me realize what a blessing it is that I can do it in Chinese
477. Thai middle school girls with bows in their hair
478. "That means I really love you mama" (when Megan grabbed me for a second good night hug)
479. Ocean breezes
480. sand castles
481. A massage on the beach
482. lazy time with friends
483. being reunited with Erik (we had 3 days apart when he had meetings)
484. Breakfast next to crashing waves
485. The smell of new books
486. Words of wisdom and life from a man I deeply respect
487. A run on the beach with the sun on my back and wind in my face
488. The return run with sun on my face and the wind at my back
489. Waves over my feet as I walk along the sunrise
490. Good friends I can be myself with
491. Ice cream cones and atomic fire balls that remind me of my childhood
492. Erik playing with Megan in the water
493. doing life together
494. Finding my prescription allergy meds over the counter
495. Discovering that getting up at 2 a.m. to drive 3 hours and make a 7:25 a.m. flight isn't as bad as you might think
496. A fun talk with my mom and brother at the same time
497. Wisdom and love from my friend and coach Dayle
498. Time to think, reflect and pray
499. Blessed silence after hours of non-stop fireworks
500. The courage of kids on the ski hills
501. Snow! (but only on the ski hills)
502. Incredibly mild weather - daytime high has only been below 30 degrees 10-15 days the whole winter. Below 20 maybe once or twice. I see 57 in the 10 day forecast.
503. A lazy vacation week with Erik at home

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Chris B. said...

#496 was very fun! I'm glad when it works out.