Monday, December 20, 2010

Jet Pack Training

What is this child doing? Why, she's jet pack training, of course! I came upon the kids doing this today with our TRX bands (these are non-stretchy exercise bands that hook over a door. We use them for P90X). Conveniently, there are handles for their arms, plus extra loops for their hands. With their feet up on the door, they pretend they are airborne.

But you wouldn't really feel like you're flying without wind, so here's the fan! They take turns holding the fan for each other.

Ethan insists on his jet pack face - he's serious about this flying business. Lest you think he's that red and sweaty from just hanging in the air, that's the result of a recent Nerf gun fight.

I'm guessing the creator of TRX never anticipated this use.

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Rachel said...

Soooo funny! I love their imaginations!