Friday, December 17, 2010

Thank you thank you thank you

I was inspired just now after putting in a few loads of laundry to add to my thankful list.

395. My giant washing machine (ok, not by US standards, but definitely by these standards!). I can't tell you how many hours this has saved me.
396. Our dryer - again, giant, and it actually spins the clothes instead of baking them, like most Chinese dryers.
397. The fact that the only truly cold place in our house is the porch where these appliances are, and since they are so big I don't have to go out there too often.
398. Road trip! I love road trips. (we're going to a furniture place).
399. The possibility of finally getting the last pieces of furniture for our apartment.
400. My husband who graciously included, "Finishing house projects" in his sabbatical plan.
401. Sabbatical! Not for me, but Erik. He so needed it. I love having him around!
402. Jane Eyre for 89c on Kindle. So far I love this book. Don't spoil it for me please.
403. New shared interest with Erik - P90X.
404. Feeling strong and energetic after our first week of P90X.
405. Tao Bao. I will always be thankful for Tao Bao.
406. And Amazon, because now my family has Christmas gifts in route.
407. Relaxing days in a sort of Christmas break (we've still been doing a little school, but very little).
408. Fun times with my kids making sugar cookies and cutting out snowflakes.
409. Making fun Christmas gifts (yes, in addition to Amazon - I was feeling generous this year) for my family that reminded me how much I love them
410. The incredible blessing of being able to coach LEAF last week
411. Having a GREAT coaching team to work with - best ever, never had so much fun doing it.
412. Reflecting on my own LEAF growth and how God has made a seismic shift in my heart that makes me see everything differently now.
413. Getting to spend two hours last night listening to one of my friends who went through LEAF last week talk about how how excited she is about all that she learned
414. The joy of Christmas coming!
415. IKEA - never would have thought I could finish my Christmas shopping for the kids there, but this year I did
416. Friends across China who send me notes via other friends when they can.
417. Thailand is appealing to me again - we'll go there in January for a few weeks. When we traveled there from Singapore, it was just a dirtier version of Singapore. Now it will be a happy relief from the cold!
418. What cold? :) I'm happy to have predicted temps in the mid-40's this week, even if it means we won't have a white Christmas.
419. My brown hat. I heart my brown hat.
420. Kids who are in a really fun stage - so helpful, but getting independent, able to have interesting conversations, always growing and learning.

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