Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Haiku for Squatties

I was "inspired" the other day to compose a haiku in honor of China's most common form of toilet: the squattie. Not only are these holes in the ground more difficult to maneuver for Westerners, most of whom have not retained the ability to squat flat footed as Asians can (one benefit of daily use of the squattie), but they are often not kept as clean as one might appreciate. Squatties are why God gave us a non-olfactory breathing passage.

I composed the Haiku in Mandarin, but realized this morning that it works in English as well. I'll write the pinyin first:

Wei sheng jian zainar?
Zhi you zheyang de ce suo
Wo xiang wo hui deng

Where is the bathroom?
Only this kind of toilet
I will just hold it.

Forgive me, Mandarin speakers, if my grammar is poor. Call it creative license.


Robyn said...

I love it! We have had so many bad experiences with squatties- at least AK and I have! :) The guys don't have as many problems. I was going to write about my most recent squattie experience. I'll have to do it soon. It's pretty amusing... now...

Rebecca said...

hahah! This is great! You definitely have talent in the haiku area =)

Melanie said...

Ha ha that is great! We experienced those in Kenya this summer. Definately a skill to master. After only a couple weeks there I really came to appreciate even some of the most uncleanly rest stops I have used in the US.