Sunday, October 11, 2009

From tropical to temperate

Each morning my kids wake up and ask me, "Is it cold outside mom?" And my response is, "Yes, and it is going to keep getting colder." Then they look at me with this baffled, "What is going ON in this country?!?" expression. Ah, kids, welcome back to a temperate climate.

In all fairness to my upbringing, it's not really cold. The morning temps are in the 50's, daytime highs in the mid to upper 60's. But when the coldest temperature you've experienced at night for the past five years was 70 something, and daytime highs were regularly 85-90, it's cold. This takes some adjustment. It's at least enough to pull out the long sleeves and pants, and for me to rethink the time that I run each day.

In addition to finding our cold weather clothes, I am also rediscovering a desire to make soup instead of salads, to take baths, and to drink tea (and I don't even really like tea). To my husband's great delight, I actually want him to snuggle with me in bed. He doesn't even mind that I'm just using him for warmth. On the downside, we have also rediscovered static cling. This fascinates my kids. It just annoys me. That's right - for five whole years I never saw static cling.

While I was raised in a temperate climate (some might call it tundra), I have to say I enjoy the fact that this spot on the globe is slightly warmer than my hometown in southern Minnesota - no snow flurries in the forecast for awhile. It's a nice way to ease back into temperate.


Andrew said...

this makes me feel better, since I am totally not enjoying our wintery October in minnesota right now

Gina Marie said...

Andrew - it's about 10 degrees warmer here on average than it is in Minneapolis, and very little snow. In the spring it gets really windy, and we can have sand storms, but mostly the wind blows out the pollution and makes it quite lovely.

Four Buttons said...

ahh, back to the REAL WORLD GINA!!! j/k... I miss singapore weather, Oh wait a minute, sweating every second of my life??? nah! Actually the weather here seems almost perfect right now. 80s to 90s with no humidity and down i the 60s at night, it's awesome! And yes, like you, maybe it feels awesome b/c we've been living in the tropics for so long :) How was your big race? Did you win? :)