Sunday, May 24, 2009

Prepare your heart

My husband is world renown (and I mean that) for the way he can deliver even the harshest news on a platter of gentleness. He's learned that when he shares bad news with me, this is especially important. So he has adopted the phrase, "prepare your heart." I've come to expect and dread those words in the last few weeks. I've heard them so many times in relation to our visa process. I won't go into detail about all the up's and down's (unfortunately mostly down's until recently, as it looked like our stay in Singapore was extending a little bit each day). I'll just tell you the outcome:

We leave Singapore next Sunday, May 31st. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but when all is said and done, having an extra week will be good. Erik just got back from a trip to Bangkok last Monday and it would have been craziness for him to leave tomorrow, even for someone who handles craziness like it's a walk in the park, as Erik does. Me, I don't do crazy very well. I'm trying.

So this week we are trying to wrap up all the details of our five years of island living. The movers come on Friday (and no, we are not packing ourselves. Full service packers are the way to go!). When we found out we were possibly not leaving until the 6th of June, I tried to change the moving date until the 5th. The latest I could get was the 29th. Now I'm so thankful that's all I could do!

Once we land in China, we will have a week there to enjoy our good friends, the Higgins, before they take a short furlough for the summer. Then (and here's the bonus part) we have to go to Hong Kong to finish the visa process, but we get to go to Disney World while we're there! I love my life. Yes, even though I have to go through the "prepare your heart" times.

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Ana Degenaar said...

Thank you for sharing, I'm also going through those times...