Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cancelled due to sneezing

Let me just clarify first of all that I do not have swine flu. I do however, have a bit of a cold. It's hard to say how much because I had a bad allergy day yesterday, so I'm not sure if the congested face is from that or the cold. But I do know that I have a sore throat and mild cough, so there's something lurking under there.

I mentioned this to my kids yesterday morning, and they immediately said, "Then why are we doing homeschool? Shouldn't we cancel because you're sick?" Sharp little buggers aren't they? Yep, that's why we homeschool. I really wasn't feeling that bad so we did slog through a few subjects (we've dwindled down to Bible, history, spelling, handwriting, reading, and math).

Thankfully, our neighbor kids were off yesterday due to Vesak Day (Happy birthday Buddha!) so they spent the afternoon here while I alternated between laying in bed, sneezing, sorting through parts of our house in preparation for moving, sneezing, making brownies, and sneezing.

This is our last week of homeschool, and my motivation to finish well is down to almost nothing, but I did want to have a final day, and not just do the equivalent of tripping and falling down somewhere near the finish line. However, today looks like it will be another bad allergy day so I'm questioning the wisdom of trying to do anything at all. Thank God the neighbor kids are off again!

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Heather said...

Kind of funny Gina, I have a similar situation going on: is it a cold or is it allergies or is it both? I think it's both as I continue to gulp down the claritin, which takes the edge off.

Hope your visas are going through swiftly. Love you.