Monday, October 06, 2008

Sad Megan

Instead of writing about the book she finished today, Megan and I decided it would be good for her to write about how she was feeling since daddy left on another trip today. Here's what she wrote:

"Today my daddy went on a trip. and I'm sad that daddy left. I didn't want daddy to leave. But he had to leave. I wanted daddy to never go to other countrys (sic) unless he brought me with him. But he has to go because he has meetings in that country."

It was a very emotional time. I anticipate a repeat at bedtime.


Victoria said...

Hey Gina---I know that feeling well-my dad being a truck driver and all. Don't worry, I know that the times apart will only make her times with Erik around that much more meaningful!

I have to comment about how much I LOVE the new layout of your blog. The colors are amazing!!!! Love it!!!


Gina Marie said...

Thanks Vicki! I can't take credit - just stole it from the cute blogs website.